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Agriculture Solutions

Take advantage of location intelligence platform to visualise agriculture environment, improve workflow, reduce the hassle as well as control and maintain the crops and assets

Data Collection & Management

Maintaining Field Work Force

Disaster Recovery & Management

Health & Growth Monitoring

Business Analytics


Agriculture transformation is essential for the future of well-being of the developing nations and therefore also to a world with more equitable economic development. Implementation of our agriculture solutions will help your organisation to

Increase Yield Production

Know all you need to
on your assets and crops
for a profitable decision making

Reduce Operating Costs

With accurate data, plan better on what is important and needed for your crops and assets

Efficient Land Management

Know where to focus on in managing and maintaining your assets


Crop Acreage Estimation

How sure are you about the number of crops within your asset? With an accurate number, you can provide accurate volumes of nutrients and pesticides needed without killing your own crops, and without wasting your resources on oversupply.

Crop Yield & Production Estimation

With accurate, early estimation of yield, plan better for the year on your budgeting, harvest and storage requirements to avoid any delay in operation and production.

Crop Stress & Health Monitoring

Keep track of your crop stress and health before it is too late. Identify symptoms early and diagnose before the damage is irreversible and spread throughout your assets.

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